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Secondary Metabolites from Microorganisms
isolated by the HP Fiedler Group

A1 and A2, Prechrysophanol-Glucuronide and Chrysophanol-Glucuronide

Producing organism: Streptomyces sp. AK 671

Habitat: terrestrial; Hamsterley Forest, Northumberland, UK
Screening method: HPLC-DAD
Biological activity: antitumor (genoketetide B2)


  • Fiedler, H.-P.; A. Dieter, T.A.M. Gulder, I. Kajahn, A. Hamm, R. Brown, A.L. Jones, M. Goodfellow, W.E.G. Müller & G. Bringmann. J. Antibiotics 61: 464-473, 2008

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